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What cosmetic lenses?

A thin layer of porcelain covering the front surface of the front teeth to improve the shape of the teeth of these ceramic shell is leveled at a special dressing to the front surface of front teeth change color, shape and size and age at the lowest possible preparation of the tooth surface and thus preserve the natural tooth. Large fillings are fillings ceramic inlay so that mimic natural teeth shape.

When prefer to visit the dentist?

Prefer to visit the dentist regularly every 6 months in the absence of any symptoms, and, should direct the visit in the event of feeling pain or sensitivity Sneh and hemorrhages private periodontal when eating or brushing teeth in addition to the pain articular face level and problems on the aesthetic level of the teeth .

Are dental implants painful process?

Are dental implants operation under local anesthesia so it is painful, but the patient's swollen simple may feel may feel uncomfortable in a few days after the operation, which may accompany any other surgery takes place in the mouth and teeth as a process of dislocation Sprocket - for example - usually distracted doctor of dental medicine to relieve pain and inflammation.

When to start (of any age) treatment of the calendar?

It comes to the type of the calendar problem, where would prefer to consult a calendar as it provides early treatment radical solutions to the problem of the calendar, where it can be for patients who are facing problems in the calendar to benefit from treatment at almost any age.

When is the date of the first visit to your child's orthodontic clinic?

American Dental Association Calendar doctors AAO recommends that the date of your child's first visit to the clinic specialist Calendar age of 7 years. The age of 7 years is a special stage in the process of teeth and jaws and facial evolution, Calendar specialist in this age can detect any problem in the calendar in progress or any bad habit oral or any problem related to the growth and development of the jaws or periodic monitoring. DEAR encourage parents to bring their children to visit the Calendar specialist if they felt that the emergence of a tooth or teeth troubled relationship with each abnormal or any other question.

What can I do to take care of my teeth through the installation of a calendar?

When using braces, oral health care is the most important thing is, because the calendar by devices very small gaps withhold the leftovers and plaque, if not take care of oral health in the installation of a stage Calendar displays the patient's mouth to severe gum infections.You have to wash your teeth thoroughly after each meal using fluoridated toothpaste (laced with fluoride) and brush teeth with hair Naam.ashtaf your mouth well and check your teeth in the mirror to make sure Nzaftha.astqta of your time to clean up the existing gaps between the clamps and under the wire using a brush, Daum on cleaning teeth at the dentist every six months. In order to preserve the health of your gums and teeth, the default lead in cleaning while using braces to staining of enamel on the clamps or ligaments or even decay.

You should refrain from foods and certain personal habits after the installation of orthodontic device?

Yup. You must reduce the desserts and French fries (chips) and soft drinks. Cause sugary and starchy foods secretion of acids and be plaque which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. For solid health foods like carrots or apples Akhartha small pieces. The sticky sweets that chewed Kalkramal can cause damage to the wires and the disintegration of the clamps. Avoid hard snacks and Almkerkhh that can cause break Calendar including popcorn, nuts, hard candy machines. Other caveats: chewing ice cubes, absorption thumb, excessive breathing through the mouth, biting the lips, tongue, teeth and push forward.

What is the appropriate cases for dental implants?

Dental Implants are the perfect solution for missing teeth both sprocket or teeth or all of the group, and suitable for the elderly and middle-aged, and are advised to delay their work for children until they are eighteen years of age, taking into account the quality and quantity of bone as an important and essential, and against which the dentist decide the validity of the case for dental implants.

Are dental implants always process successfully?

Because of ongoing advances in methods of dental implants and massive development in the materials used, we find that the success rate is very high up to 95% lower jaw and 90% in the upper jaw

Do you take a missing tooth offset by farming a long time?

Usually ranging from the duration of Agriculture of three to six months and may be longer than that, and this is due to the patient's condition and the extent of the bone response to agriculture, and during the period of treatment alternatives to compensate for the lost Sunni temporary teeth until the date of the final fixtures

Is there a healthy contraindications may prevent a process of dental implants?

Of course there are health obstacles to make the process of agriculture, such as lack of the patient's ability to tolerate any surgery to hit serious diseases may affect the healing of the bone and gums such as advanced cases of the disease immune deficiency disorders of bone or blood vessels as well as the extreme volatility of the level of sugar in the blood, or the patient's exposure to high doses of radiation treatment, these cases seriously affect the success of dental implants, there are other cases in relative influence on the success of agriculture and advised processed first, and then put dental implants, and these things are smoking too much and neglect of oral health care by the patient, and remain competent dentist is to decide the validity of the situation for agriculture or not.

What are the important instructions after take off any process or any surgery Sunni?

• Do not spit or mouth wash or rinse the mouth for 24 hours after an operation on the lower dislocation even directly to the dysfunctional bleeding except one light ablutions  

• Put a piece of sterile gauze and biting it for at least an hour, then remove the other one and put the same period. 

 • After removing the gauze Do not try to tamper with important extraction tongue or finger or brush, or is it even dysfunctional bleeding.

• refrain from smoking for at least 24 hours.

• Do not drink hot or eat for at least 24 hours after the extraction process.

• Do not eat on the side that has been dislocation in it for 24 hours.

• cold drink or eat after 6 hours of extraction, at least.

Why recommend crowns and bridges (Sunni fixed fixtures)?

When large necrosis in age occurs led to significant erosion in the age or the occurrence of any trauma or fracture of a tooth then Sunni crown restores function and the cosmetic and occlusal age and if the loss of tooth or several teeth are compensated work fixed compensation called bridges there gland types of crowns and bridges, starting full of ceramic or metal or ceramic heart full of metal or gold through our expertise in this area full ceramic crowns and bridges more choice these days so believes in the cosmetic and functional and durability of the mouth.

When advised kit teeth (dental fixtures animation)?

We recommend in some cases where the compensation for lost teeth crowns, bridges or implants is not possible, such as the lack of Sunni support or skeleton, which are as follows:
Full crews: a movable compensation device used in the event of a full tooth loss
Partial dentures: a mobile device is used to compensate the loss of some teeth in the mouth
There are two types of devices:
  1. acrylic (plastic) and this is given cosmetic view more
  2. metal with acrylic and links

What is the best toothpaste?

There is no single scientific study prefer to paste on the other to protect against Altsus.lkn make sure when buying toothpaste from the presence of the word fluoride on Alalbh.az that fluoride significantly contribute to the strengthening of teeth and reduce cavities.

What is the best toothbrush and why?

Best toothbrush is soft brush. Since it is enough to remove plaque bacteria adherent to the teeth. It is axiomatic belief that the medium or coarse Brush removes dirt better, but studies have shown that this is not true. On the contrary, the Brush medium or coarse you remove the protective layer of Minya Osinan.kma teeth cleaning at the dentist every six months is responsible for removal accumulated tartar on the teeth, if any, and after the removal of lime steel, all you have to do is to use soft bedding to remove plaque slave who constantly accumulates on your teeth.