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Nutrition and care of the kids teeth

Advises the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry follow the following instructions to maintain the body and teeth ...

1. Consult your dentist for children you have to help you choose your children's meals.

2-shopping intelligently do not fill your kitchen cupboard foods containing sugar and starches snack.

3-Buy baby food for their favorite at certain times only.

4. Select the number of times snacks.

5. Keep the nutritional balance in your food protein grain vegetable fruit.

6-kept foods containing sugar and starches and addressed in the main meals.

7. Do not put the child in his bed in his hand and a bottle of milk or juice.

8. If your child chews gum or drink soda sure to be without sugar.


Gentlemen protective fillings for children sealant:

The fillings are made of a special material be white or transparent, these fillings placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth without the need to prepare a hole in these surfaces because these surfaces contain many depressions and grooves that make a good place to collect leftovers and germs often decay teeth start of this areas.


Savers distance:

Savers distance is devices that are made are entered the mouth of the child to save the place Milky tooth missing early until the emergence of the permanent tooth in its natural place .alosinan deciduous remain in place and fall because of permanent teeth push her and unfortunately some children lose their teeth deciduous early because of the presence of large cavities or having abscesses in the age when this occurs should be put away somewhere tooth missing portfolio to avoid for future dental problem and help the growth and development of the jaw .ihdt this when falling one primary teeth and neighboring interview lost age of teeth tend toward the void and fill the vacuum, thereby hindering the emergence of permanent teeth, which leads to a Sunni problem will need to orthodontic treatment and possibly surgery to solve them.


Is Savers distance need special attention?

  Should the parents of the child control and make sure to clean all the teeth, including collars portfolio distance after each meal to eat in addition to the use of lye oral occurring fluoride to avoid ill-calcification of teeth about hoops clipboard avoid wire tongue or finger pressure in case the ring move from his place should see a doctor immediately to be re-paste.


Fluoride treatment:

It is a material resistant to decay can be applied directly to the teeth or added to drinking water and toothpaste and lye oral and Sealing and some types of dental fillings Almighty fluorine, which earns the teeth more resistant to decay and is working to re-mineralization of teeth and stop cavities before they become visible where application of fluorine in the clinic teeth

In two ways:

  • Collutoria fluoride: The doctor giving a child an aqueous solution of fluoride should rinse your mouth for it for one minute should refrain from eating and drinking for half an hour.
  • Gel Fluoride: The doctor applying gel containing high concentration of fluoride on the child's teeth by holder that fits the child's mouth and teeth arc for four minutes and Zon must refrain from eating and drinking for half an hour


What are the risks resulting from the use of fluoride?

Generally fluorine security if used in the proportions set by the specialists are very limited and risks in some cases by more than accounted for in the drinking water lead to get a yellow discoloration and stains in the teeth

Consult your dentist children in the event of any discoloration or changes in your child's teeth

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