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For pregnant women: 8 questions to care for oral and dental health

The pregnant woman more susceptible to gum disease as a result of hormones and cases of decay, as a result of the change in the nature of saliva in addition to the vomiting that accompanies pregnancy symptoms, containing acids damage the outer layer of the teeth as well as neglect in oral care and malnutrition facing a pregnant woman a new situation from all health aspects and psychological, hormonal, and even teeth that are affected by the new health condition. To learn more about dental carrier status during this period, we went to the dentist Ptsaalatna Haidar al-Saadi; to help us provide more interest for the expectant mother.

Dr. Haider begins his speech by recalling the importance of oral health care before pregnancy and says: «We are all aware that dental care and regular visit every six months is critical in maintaining oral health. Where should a woman who is planning to give birth to visit the dentist and a comprehensive examination of the mouth, including the teeth and gums surrounding and address cases of tooth decay, if any, before it reaches the nerve, as well as the treatment of gum disease and remove plaque before pregnancy

The pregnant woman more susceptible to gum disease as a result of hormones and cases of decay, as a result of the change in the nature of saliva, in addition to vomiting, which is accompanied by symptoms of pregnancy, contain acids damage the outer layer of the teeth, as well as neglect in oral care and malnutrition

He continues, Dr. Haider saying: «as a result of physiological changes in pregnancy hormone that increases blood flow to the gums to become more sensitive .. The changes in saliva lead to increased bacteria in the mouth. In the case of inflammation of the gums before pregnancy, this leads to bad the situation during pregnancy, which inflated the gums to become red color and begin to cause bleeding, which is known as gingivitis gravidarum »


Remarks Dr. Haider, below, for a set of healthy teeth questions pregnant mother and her unborn child also


* Should pregnant women visit the dentist?
Pregnant women can visit the dentist; to make the necessary treatment and provide them the necessary advice; as a result of hormonal and physical and psychological changes
* What are the necessary steps to prevent pregnancy?
Use a soft toothbrush twice a day for 5 minutes
Reducing the intake of sugars, especially before going to sleep
Trying to breathe through the nose; because the breath of the mouth activates the bacteria and dries the teeth and cause damage
The use of dental floss slave tarpaulin after a meal, do not fear anything when the bleeding starts, it is not harmful
* What is the right time to visit the dentist?
In any month of the pregnancy, and also in the event of frequent symptoms; Kalalam ongoing, and bleeding gums, bad smell, despite brushing and care, as well as the inability to eat and the occurrence of ulcers in the mouth. But we must take the paper positively or negatively consult the gynecologist in charge of the follow-up pregnancy before starting the treatment.
* When is the best time for treatment?
Middle third of pregnancy.
* Do rays cause harm to the fetus?
Yes rays are very harmful, and should be postponed treat nerve after pregnancy, and take the necessary precautions in the event of having to treat.
* Is the substance narcotic (anesthetic) in pregnant women affect?
Yeah, so narcotic substances given to pregnant women, according to protocols established by the dental and medical associations and international bodies are available.
* What is a safe drug given to pregnant women before she went to the dentist?
    There are some diseases that need to consult a specialist doctor in full, whether female doctor or esoteric doctor, before prescribing any treatment or taking medication by pregnant.
Women can take painkillers Kalpnadol (Paracetamol Tab) antibiotics (amoxicillin antibiotics considered safe) and must stay away from drug Kalttraschaelin, avoid water containing a high concentration of fluoride intake.
* Does food affect the fetus in the teeth?
Yes, and the pregnant woman Bgmaiha Care, Valosinan begins to take shape in the early stage of embryonic life, and begins calcification in the fourth month almost. Therefore, pregnant women good Bgmaiha which contains all the necessary materials to the fetus Care; Kalmaadn, vitamins and proteins are very important to the teeth and growth of the fetus.
* What are the important food for a pregnant woman?
Meat, eggs, milk and fish, which contains vitamin A, which is important in the emergence of teeth.
Vegetables and citrus fruits, which contain vitamin C, which leads to the preservation of the gums and do not bleed.
Vegetable oils, spinach, cabbage, which contains vitamin K, which keeps the moist mucous membrane, and prevented him from drought, which affects the teeth.
Grains, vegetables and fruits, where Akecorha contain vitamins B-COMPLIX.
  Milk, eggs, liver, where contain folic acid, which maintains the proper oral health and prevent anemia.

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