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Need to revise the calendar specialist early

What is the right time to visit the orthodontist ???

American Association of Physicians recommends that all children calendar teeth examined by an orthodontist at the age of no more than 7 years and for the following reasons:

  • For ease of discovery related to the growth of the jaw and teeth problems minute when some primary teeth are still present.
  •   Examination may show that your child is a good dental occlusion, or may discover orthodontist scalable problem but recommends child growth and development monitoring, then, if necessary, treatment begins in time for the child. In other cases, the orthodontist may find the problem may benefit from early treatment.
  • Early treatment may prevent more serious problems and prevents them from development has subsequently makes treatment shorter and less complicated.
  • In some cases, the orthodontist can achieve the results may not be possible after maxillofacial growth is complete.
  •   Early detection, will give your child the best chance to get a beautiful and healthy smile.


Orthodontic procedures section in two phases:

1-Processors, which starts in the interim phase dishes (lactic) and aims to stop or correct a problem that could cause damage to the teeth is the responses of neighboring structures so difficult to treat later

2-Processors, which begins during the Permanent dishes stage. And be before or after puberty 


Of the most important cases that require the need to revise the calendar is a specialist early

  • the presence of a member of inverted front


  • Early fall or delayed tooth eruption
  • Difficulties chewing or biting
  • Oral breathing
  • Sucking finger
  • Congestion some teeth
  • Deviation of the jaw or Vriqath
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Biting the cheek
  • Dental occlusion abnormally or not a final day dining
  • Abnormal growth of the jaws or teeth proportion to the rest of the face


The benefits of early treatment in a timely manner:

  • The situation is better to avoid the development of permanent teeth removal
  • Better guidance to the problems of the bone where the dentist can evaluate the growth of the bones of the face and jaws and guidance control before the start of adulthood.
  • Tissue response to treatment better.
  • Adapt better to the devices by the younger patients in addition to better cooperation
  • Correction Bites flipped Sunni flipped back and bites that structural reasons
  • Relieve congestion teeth may prevent early treatment gouge some permanent teeth later
  • Shorten the second phase of treatment (if called for by the need)
  • Guiding the growth of the jaw ideal form
  • Correction sucking fingers bad habits
  • Improving Appearance
  • Guide the permanent teeth to show the best location
  • Making the teeth and lips and face look better show and harmonious
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