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Treatment of caries and dental nerves

In our clinic, it needs to maintain the good teeth of the patient even in advanced stages of decay and erosion of large parts of them. This will be directed to eliminate the source of the pain caused by nerve inflammation and using the latest scientific methods and methods for quality assurance in the process of cleaning and stuffing and double the chances for survival of teeth for longer periods.

How is the treatment of tooth decay?



  • Treatment of caries depends on the depth and extent of decay in the tooth towards the roots.
  • If decay is not deep, it handles the process of hole to be removed in most cases of tooth decay, if it is detected in its early stages of decay, this helps to stop the progress of the development of caries or for the worse.

Why should treat nerve?


The nerve damage and die after the initial inflammation and begins to unravel the bacteria and multiply inside the tooth and then go out through the channels that cause the so-called abscesses and abscess is a cavity that is filled in the bone. Appears in the form of swelling or puffiness could have spread to the face or neck and sometimes may cause melting of the bone around the tooth, therefore, should not be tolerated in this and going to the dentist or a specialist that treats for the nerve.

How do I know if there is decay in my teeth?


Your dentist can detect cavities during your visit. Be sensitive to the surface of the infected tooth when the doctor uses a medical tools to verify the presence of cavities. The rays are very helpful in the detection of decay before it becomes apparent or visible. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the dentist regularly every six months to detect any of the diseases that threaten the health of the mouth and teeth in the early stage.