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Preventive Dentistry

We are in the Farabi Clinics always strive to raise the level of health awareness and the application of preventive dental programs for teeth and gums from childhood to adulthood age through detection and early access to good oral health.


Periodic disclosure:

To avoid the long and complex processors and maintain appropriate dental health are advised to disclose the league on the teeth every 6 months This procedure allows us the early detection of problems inside the mouth and make appropriate treatment early to give the best results.

Where is Flouride found?

Topical Fluoride is found in products containing strong concentrations of fluorid (i.e.toothpastes,mouth rinses), fluoridated varnishes and/or gels either topically applied by a dentist or other oral health professional, or prescribed as an at-home regimen (particularly for persons with a high risk of dental caries).

Systemic Fluoride can be ingested through public and private water supplies, soft drinks, teas, as dietary supplements, some bottled water supplies. Once ingested, systemic fluoride. Is absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract and distributed and deposited throughout the body via the blood supply.


Fluoride treatment:

The fluoride ion comes from the element fluorine. Fluoride, either applied topically to erupted teeth, or ingested orally (called systemic fluoride) during tooth development, helps to prevent tooth decay, strengthen tooth enamel, and reduce the harmful effects of plaque. There are two ways of flouride application in our clinic.

1. Collutoria Fluoride, the doctor will give a flouride solution that would rinse your mouth for one minute and should refrain from eating and drinking for half an hour.

2. Fluoride Gel, the doctor will apply the gel containing high concentration of fluoride on the teeth by holder that fits on the mouth and teeth arc for four minutes and must refrain from eating and drinking for half an hour.


What are the risks resulting from the use of fluoride?

Generally fluorine if used in the proportions set by the specialists are very limited and in some cases by more than accounted in the drinking water may lead to get a yellow discoloration and stains in the teeth.

Consult your dentist in the event of any discoloration or changes in your teeth.



Sealants protect the occlusal surfaces, inhibiting bacterial growth and providing a smooth surface that increases the probability that the surface will stay clean. The ultimate goal of sealants is penetrating into the pit and fissures of the tooth and sealing them from bacteria. Primary Molars and Molars also can benefit from the placement of sealants. 



The fillings are made of a special material be white or transparent, these fillings placed on the chewing surfaces of back teeth without the need for Thver drilled in these surfaces because these surfaces contain many depressions and grooves that make a good place to collect leftovers and germs often decay teeth start of this areas.